Do I need to give any financial details when registering with eBUYgumm?

NO not at all. When you initially register with eBUYgumm, it is totally free and you do not need to enter ANY personal or financial details, you only need to register your name and email address, this will give you standard membership status and enable you to browse and search the website at your own free will.
When you do wish to buy or sell, you will obviously be required to supply certain information i.e Registered/Postal Address that will verify you as a buyer or seller; you will only be required to supply Bank details to become a seller for you to receive payments from buyers.

I am worried about leaving my Credit Card details?

When registering as a buyer or seller, you are also signing up to TrustePay, eBUYgumm’s payment gateway powered by STRIPE. You will only be required to register your Bank Account Number and Sort Code as a seller, to be able to receive funds from buyers, no other financial details are required or held as a buyer or seller.
No Credit/Debit card details are held or saved with eBUYgumm or TrustePay: when a buyer purchases an item off eBUYgumm, the Credit/Debit card transaction payment is handled through TrustePay in exactly the same way as any other online purchase from other online stores worldwide, securely and encrypted.
STRIPE is soon to be the world’s best online mobile payment gateway, already leading in America and 120 other countries, backed by Elon Musk and used by some of the biggest online company. STRIPE simply wants to be the way to pay for items online. So don’t be worried, this is the future, here and now...

I am worried about giving my Bank details out?

There is never any reason to worry about registering your Bank details out as no fraud is committed from just Bank details: all of your major utility companies publish their bank details on every bill, invoice and statement, why? Because it is totally safe.

I have never heard of STRIPE?

STRIPE is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Service Provider Level 1, which is the highest grade of payment processing security. You can rest assured that your transaction, payments and information is totally safe and secure.
STRIPE is the fastest growing secure online payment gateway taking the world by storm, offering businesses and individuals faster, reliable and more secure online payment transactions. If you haven’t already heard of STRIPE then you will do soon as some of the world’s biggest online businesses are using STRIPE, and we are proud to have developed TrustePay to be powered by STRIPE to make eBUYgumm’s payment gateway one of the most secure there is.

I’ve never heard of TrustePay eBUYgumm’s safer way to pay or be paid?

And were glad you haven’t!! TrustePay (pronounced Trust - ePay ) was developed by eBUYgumm with the user and their security in mind.
Fed up or wary of being scammed by sellers? We have all heard of the horror stories of the online scammers not sending items, taking your money and disappearing, or sending products not as described or not fit for use. Well this is no more with eBUYgumm and TrustePay powered by STRIPE: for example, when a buyer makes a payment by Credit/Debit card, TrustePay instructs STRIPE to retain payment for the seller, once the item has been received and the buyer is satisfied TrustePay then instructs STRIPE to release the funds to the seller; if there is any dispute with regards the item or delivery, then funds are not released until the issue is resolved. Why is this awesome?
Because a seller will NOT be able to take your money and disappear without sending your item as you the buyer hold the key to release their payment!
Because a seller will NOT be able to send an item not as described or not fit for use as you the buyer hold the key to release their payment!
We know this won’t suit the ‘scammers’ but they can continue selling on other sites!

I have 100s of products, am I able to bulk upload my items?

Yes, as a Premium or Business member you will be able to upload all of your items via a simple spreadsheet along with images or URL links for self-hosted images. Our friendly Support Team will be on hand to help get your items listed and start selling in no time. Soon you will also be able to import your product listings directly from other selling platforms at the click of a button, expanding your selling possibilities with no effort at all.

I have been selling on other platforms for some time and have a very good feedback score and don’t want to start from scratch again?

No problem at all, a good reputation is the key to a successful business: at eBUYgumm we believe that you should not have to start over and should be able to take your reputation with you, so as a Premium or Business Member we will transfer your proven feedback score from other selling platforms to your eBUYgumm membership, giving you the reputation you have worked hard for.